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Retox your life!! 

Hello ladies! 

I can’t tell you how much of a book worm I am. I seriously have my nose in a book at all times, that my family often wonders why? Im so glad my kids take after me in that aspect! Well I have to tell you that one of the most recent books I’m reading( yes I’m always reading more that one), is the Retox .. Yoga, food, attitude ) , by the amazing Lauren Imparato.. Love her! I have to tell you that this book has changed my life. She has lived through it all, and yoga literally has changed my life! She is the founder of I.AM.YOU. Her daily rituals has literally changed the way I live my life. I incorporate all of her rituals into my daily life , and I love it. This is my second round of reading her book , because I love it so much. 

One thing I have to say, is life is short. We all want to feel at the top of our game, at ALL times. This book does just that. If you are having issues with food allergies, stress, anxiety, sugar overload, caffeine fixes, fatigue, .. Whatever… You name it.. She has the cure. I love it, because Lauren Imparato, who at one time was working on Wall Street, really figured out what she wanted out of life, and here she is writing to the world about her ups and downs ( yes including the 2008 crash) , how she turned her world upside up , with all these amazing tips and pointers. I have to admit , I’m addicted to this book! She honestly has the cure for improving your days , and nights through yoga. Yoga is amazing, and has honestly changed my life! If I was to tell you a book to read… THIS IS IT! I never was a meat eater, but after reading this book, I have really tried to incorporate some real beef into my diet atleast twice a week, and wow has it changed my life! Making sure you are eating grass fed – organic beef of course, this is the book! So excited to get my yoga license in the next year , when my life calms down a bit! You all need to read this!!  


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  1. March 13, 2016 / 9:29 am

    Yoga is a very rewarding lifestyle if you stay committed.

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