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The fab 5 ways of cutting sugar out of your life

Sugar is the culprit of many illnesses , weight gain , ect. I could go on and on for hours of why sugar is a huge problem in everyone’s diet, and the many problems you can face with lots of sugar intake. I think sugar is the reason behind many cancers. One of the best things you can do is make decisions to cut sugar out of your life. Divorce it! It’s not good for your health, and living optimally.  I know many of you have a great love for sugar, as it’s what makes all your great desserts and many of your favorite foods so good to you. It’s not easy to break away from it, as it’s highly addictive. I know for many you can’t just turn off loving sugar, it’s a process , just like anything else. I have 5 great ways of breaking the sugar habit. It could take for some of you weeks, and others months, but it slowly will happen. 

It’s the best decision you can make for your body, and your health. I’m not saying you can’t indulge in some of your favorite goodies, but it’s about balance and trying to replace some of those Sugary treats for healthier ones. 

Try to get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep a night. It’s a proven fact that when we are low on sleep, we crave more sugar in our diets due to feeling tired. We feel a quick fix will help the problem. That is the farthest thing from the truth. We will end up crashing and feeling worse than before. 

-keep the sugar out of the house. Do not even go down the middle ” sugar ” aisle. You will be tempted to buy all the packaged treats , and it’s worse when your hungry. Come up with treats that are made with real fruits. Atleast 90 percent of the ” healthy ” packed foods are not healthy. 

-get atleast 30 minutes of exercise in a day. Exercising gets our metabolism boosting , and our want for Sugar goes down. Exercising keeps our energy up . 

-try to incorporate protein and healthy fat at each meal. This keeps blood sugar levels from dropping. Make sure the fats are healthy such as olive oil or a good avocado with your salad.  

 –take a multi vitamin every day. This really keeps our energy up , and prevents us from crashing later , craving sugar snacks . Sugar is a killer in so many ways. If you are a coffee drinker , craving those creamers full of sugar, try to opt for almond milk with a bit of cinnamon. It truly makes a difference in the way you feel , by cutting out all the junk. Your body will thank you now and later in life. 

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