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Sugar Bear your hair

Hi ladies! 

We all know how important it is to keep your hair healthy as you age. We see our hair getting drab , and losing elasticity as well as shine, and this can happen with age as well as being in the sun too much, or using hair products that are full of chemicals that wreak havoc on your hair. 

Of course eating a healthy diet helps with keeping our hair healthy, and taking a good multi vitamin helps with it also.  A great vitamin that I love is the multi vitamin by Sugar bear hair. These chewy vitamins are filled with all the great vitamins that are essential for hair health such as biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D. They have a great fruit taste, and they are vegetarian, and cruelty free. 

Just popping two of these vitamins daily will make such a difference in your locks. It’s amazing the taste of these also, and the price point is wonderful at 29.99 for a 30 day supply , compared to others . The difference in your hairs elasticity is the first thing that I noticed, and also the growth. Adding a multi vitamin daily along with eating healthy food will really help keep your locks luster. Shampooing less is also essential. Shampooing everyday is not good for your hair as the chemicals strip the moisture, so shampoo with a good one, and in between use a dry shampoo to add volume. You will see a big difference. Happy locks !  


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