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I wanted to do a post on youthful living, because Ive gotten a few emails from some older women wanting to know how to feel young, and why they feel too old to do certain things. I have to say that no matter what age you are, you are NEVER too old to do anything. Isnt that what keeps us feeling youthful in the first place? There isnt a set age or age requirement on living. We are on this earth to live, and do all the things that we want to do. I do not live life by any rules, and neither should you. We all know that aging is inevitable. We see our birthdays pass by, our older relatives pass into the next life, our kids get older, and we see everyone around us grow older, due to knowing them for so long. It is happening. The one thing to remember is living in the moment. You need to think about the now, and do in the now, instead of worrying what is to come. No one knows what that is. Its best to live in the moment,then to worry that moment away.

I have never lived by any age requirements because i believe there are none. The one thing that makes me feel younger is the fact I get out everyday and do the things I enjoy, be around the people that make me laugh, try new hobbies. That’s what makes us at our happiest, and there is no greater joy than laughing, and having fun. There are no limits on joy. If you are 60 years old, and want to go to Disney world, GO! Whats stopping you? Feeling youthful has everything in the world to do with actual living. When I say that, I mean getting out of your comfort zone. Try new things daily. Do the things that you never thought you could do, or picture yourself doing. The best thing that I tell my followers who email me on this subject, is write down a list of all the things you want to try. Start off by crossing each one off as you do them. If some of them are hard, start off slowly. One thing that I feel more and more people do, is sell themselves short, in the aspect of living. I hear so many older people say, well I’m too old for that, or my body wouldn’t be able to handle that. Says who? That’s the living part of feeling youthful. I recently just read a Time magazine, in which there was a 98 year old man that still ran in marathons. There is no age limit on living, and I don’t care what it is. For the part of looking youthful, that’s inevitable. We are all aging, but its about how we age , that matter most. You can only do so much before you say, ok, instead of worrying all the time about “how “young you look, you should worry about “how” young you feel. thats what it comes down to. Thats why its important to not let time pass you by, by putting restraints on life. Here are my tips of feeling youthful, and living a youthful life.

Surround yourself around fun, and positive people. They are the only ones that make you laugh, and bring you joy right? Why would you settle for anything less than that? I spend my time around people who do not require a lot of maintenence. Im always up for a good time, so people that have your back always .. are the ultimate !

Think positive all the time. Positive thinking is so powerful. You may think that you are having the worst day ever, or the worst month, but believe me when I say this.. for every thing that doesn’t go as planned, something amazingly good always comes out of it. Its the power of thinking.

No matter what you do, or are doing.. Always have fun!! It doesnt matter if you are cooking, writing, reading, or dancing.. Always have fun.. Life is way too short not to. You feel more youthful when you are having fun too.

Don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. You will be judged always no matter what by some, so just do whatever you want anyway. Live for you and no one else.

Don’t put an age limit on the events you want to try. Its pretty amazing when I see someone much older than me, doing hot yoga, so if anything, its inspiring.  Always inspire!!

Always live your best life. Travel , shop, dance, read.. whatever your heart desires, is exactly what you should be doing. img_8194

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  1. March 21, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    I love this. This is just what I needed to read today. Thanks!

  2. March 21, 2016 / 1:50 pm

    Loved the post, but I have to ask what do people call old these days, ? I honestly believe that we are as old as we feel, I know very young people who act much older than their years and live a life of that older group, and on the other hand, as you pointed out people in their 80’s & 90’s who live a very active & fun life. I think each generation seems to get younger if I think of my grand parents and then think of my mother there is no comparison and I hope I am going to be the same (getting younger than my years ! ) I agree with you, do what you want, be happy and live life to the full …………Have a great day

    • March 21, 2016 / 1:51 pm

      Yes ! I agree .. I think you are only as old as you feel.. It’s all about living in the moment, and truly knowing that youth has no age!

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