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The Great benefits of Walking

We live in an era where its constant fitness craziness. Everyone and their brother are becoming instructors teaching something,  we are seeing celebrities endorse their 2o minute workouts that claim to shred fat, and fitness gear coming out every day . Its the era of knowing that in order to live a ailment free life, we need to get healthy. We also live in a chaotic world where we are driving place to place trying to get something done, or playing chauffer to our kids schedules.

We are limited on time on most days, and a lot of us work a full days schedule, so when you get home, you are mostly pooped, and you still need to get dinner started. Well the growing trend of walking is becoming more popular, due to the craziness in our lives, and there are so many benefits of doing it alteast 30 minutes daily. walk-1377640

Walking is known to reduce stress. This is because of the relaxed state of mind that walking puts us in. It reduces stress because it lowers blood pressure while we are walking, and puts our whole mind at a more balanced state, which in turn helps the whole body. When the mind-body connection takes place, its good for the person as a whole.

Due to recent studies, walking is known to boost immunity, and helps at preventing common ailments in the long run. It increases the killer T-cells. Keeping our immunity balanced is the key to staying healthy. For those of us that work daily from a chair, and a computer , which many of you do, sitting all day isn’t good for our blood circulation , as well as our buttocks and glutes. They aren’t being worked as often, which isn’t good for the body either. Walking helps keep those muscles in tact, and helps reduce body fat. I’m not saying that you will get ripped and shredded simply by walking, but it does burn calories in all areas of the body, giving you a reduced body fat count.

With the growing rate of craziness in our lives today, and simply not being able to make your favorite workout class, trying to get out and walk every day for atleast 30 minutes can truly help your health. Grab a friend and go walk , or sign up for a charitable 5 K walk, This is a start, and it can be the start to something great. If you are wanting to add muscle definition, try lifting light weights a few days a week.. The great thing about walking is that it truly helps your health from the inside out, and doesn’t cost a dime!


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