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Being Resiliant … The ultimate booster

What does being Resilant really mean?   

I’m sure you have all had challenging times in your life , whether it had to do with a job, a family member, losing a loved one, or dealing with what I call ” petty” bullshit. The people that try really hard to bring you down to their level in some sort of screwed up way. It happens everyday , everywhere. I see it, and hear it on a daily basis, and in some sort of way, it’s pretty sad. There are a lot of sad people dealing with their own issues , and in the scheme of things, they try really hard to make themselves feel better , by bringing every person around them down. That’s where being resilient comes in. Being challenged and dealing with things is great for you. It brings out the fighter in you and makes you stronger , and capable of dealing with anything that comes your way. I think it builds confidence in younger kids, and if life was so easy everyday not having to deal with those kind of people, then you wouldn’t know how to deal with challenges that are thrown your way. I’m sure you all know that when people are ” mean ” , it’s not about you.. It’s all about the issues they have with themselves or with their life. Having confidence is the most important aspect in the younger years. If you have enough confidence, then what anyone says about you or anything that has to do with you, you learn to laugh at it. Well that’s atleast what I do anyway. You could be the nicest , sweetest, pushover kid in the whole world, and there would STILL be someone out there saying mean things. You have to feel sorry for those people. They need to find their own happiness, and until they do, they will always talk about someone. I love the saying, Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, because the diamond that shines the brightest , doesn’t break. That’s the absolute truth. I teach both of my kids to be resilient, and I have to say they are the two most confident kids I know. Stay bright, stay away from the negativity and surround yourself with people that bring out the sparkle in you. They are the only ones that count. 

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