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Best Ways to Embrace the best Life after 40!

Hi ladies !

Age is such a fear, isn’t it? I hear people all the time , in their 40’s and 50’s, saying  things like “Back in my day, or “when I was young, talking as if they are as old as the hills. In retrospect, aging has simply changed. I feel people are living longer, working longer, and just aging differently. We will always age in numbers,  but I feel in the way we age is up to us, and no matter how old you may feel , there are some great ways to embrace the most amazing life, after the age of 40.

We are certainly using  the term “midlife ” after the 40th birthday hits, but it can be the Best time out of your whole life. This for many of people , including myself, are watching your kids growing rapidly into independent adults, and looking at the fact, that sooner or later, you will NOT be able to control every aspect of their life. Is that fearful? Well for me personally, it is, at times, simply because I know, no other way. That’s the worst part, but the BEST part is watching them growing, into confident strong minds, and knowing in your heart, that raising them with morals and values will simply make them amazing adults who will find their path, and be responsible. That’s part of the”negativity ” that happens as our kids grow older. We simply see ourselves getting older, but its a GOOD  thing ,I promise. Midlife is not the time of loss. Its actually the time of growth, and discovery. It seems at my age, I’m doing more creative transformations then I ever have, then I did when I was raising my family. I just have more “me” time now, and I’m loving  it.


This is a time to really figure yourself out, and what you are wanting in life. Is there something you have always wanted to try, or to learn? What is your purpose? This is the time to find that out. You never want to stop believing you are capable of something just because of your birth date. Its never too late to evolve. I have always been the type of person to say, If it makes you feel good, Do it. Stop caring what people think. They don’t matter anyway right? Are you really living your life for them, or for yourself? The way I see it, if they have something to judge, its because of their own insecurities. Feeling young has so much with aging. You will have more joy in doing the things that you want to do, and your attitude will be more positive. I see so many people hiding behind a persona because they have no personality, or characteristics, because they care SO much about what people say about them. Its really a pathetic way to live. BE YOURSELF!! Youth and living has so much to do with the positive mindset. Look at everything in front of you ,and all the opportunities and possibilities, and start living,

Are you Spiritual? pexels-photo-24746 (1)

I cant tell you how I feel after walking out of church on Sundays. It’s honestly one of the BEST feelings in the world, because I leave there feeling so relaxed, and you feel like you just once again made a strong connection to your beliefs. Its best to find something spiritual, that makes you believe in something so strong. This could be going to church, or even daily meditations, or self help books. Embrace your life in a spiritual aspect. It makes everything that much more amazing.

What more do you need in your life to complete you?

I have to say I have never wanted any thing more in life, because at this moment, I have it all. I’m so beyond happy , and complete, and I think it’s because I look at what I have, and its just blessed. If you are one that thinks maybe if they had a better wardrobe, or more friends, or anything of that matter, then maybe  you really need to look at what life is truly about. Its not material. Material things are bought, but not made. Families, Health, happiness, laughter, joy are made. Those are the things that truly bring happiness. Always keep yourself honored, and always believe your instincts. You are the one that knows yourself, and you should honor that in every way. That means doing the things in life that bring you joy, and make you laugh. Laughter is the BEST medicine. Who doesn’t feel at their happiest when they are having a good time. 40 is the beginning , and if you are feeling this way at 30, then 30 is the beginning. Youth has no number.


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