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Met Gala 2016

I love fashion . Period . I love Everything about it, down to the fabric. I had the chance of watching the Met Gala 2016 introductions last night , and believe me when I say there were good, bad, and amazing! 

My all time favorite was Kendall Jenner’s look. One word wow. Her body graced Versace like no other, and the colors were phenomenal. I loved the way it fit , which was very elongating. Versace never disappoints. The other look I thought was a bit edgy, but gorgeous was Taylor swift. At her age, she can pull pretty much any look off, and look amazing. The accessory I thought really took it over the edge was the gladiator shoes, which are my favorite. They can be worn with any short dress, and can make a statement. 

Among the others I thought were not so amazing, was the whole Balmain look that Kim K and Kanye were trying to pull off. She looked wonderful, but what was up with his colored contacts? Didn’t that go out ten years ago? Nikki Minaj of course wasn’t the best dressed either. Well those were my two top favorites, and of course I can’t wait to see what’s going to be trending next year. Bling dressed were very popular this year, and some were just exquisite. 


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