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How to find the perfect Nude for your lips!

Hi ladies! 

Nude lipstick is one of my favorites, and the reason I love it so much is because of the natural look it gives you. If I go smokey on the eye, I will go nude on the lip , and if I go light on the eye color, I will add a bit more color to the lip. 

Nude is by far one of the most popular colors for lips because of the fact it can work on any type on skin tone. The key to nude lip color is getting the right nude color. The color nude can include a multitude of different shades, as skin color is nude, but comes in many different shades. My favorite all time nude color that I live on is my Tom Ford lip color in Blush. It works amazing with my skin tone. The points to remember when picking the perfect nude are :Look at your undertone

Any person can wear nude lipstick, but the key is to not make yourself look washed out. That is not a good look. If you are more pale, pick a nude with a more pink undertone. If you are a lighter shade of olive , then pick nude with more beige in it. Keep moisture in your lips 

Don’t apply a nude lip color to dry lips. They make great lip conditioners that will put moisture in your lips. A lip color does not look good on dry lips. Try to pick a more moisturized base color, instead of a matte color. 

Give your wrist color

I am the queen of going into Sephora and literally putting every color on my wrist that I feel would look good on my skin tone. It may take you a while to find that perfect shade, but that’s ok. There are many nudes on the market, and finding the one that makes your lips pop is the key. 


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    Perfect nude for lips – is the first step to looking good in the eyes of others.
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