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The Best with YSL

Hi ladies! 

When you think of yves St Laurent, don’t you think of class? Alluring? Well I had the luxury of winning a blog contest lately, and the prize was a collection of Yves St Laurent lip collection, and I have to do a review. 

I’m a huge lipstick lover, and quite picky with color. I think certain colors look better than others with skin tone, and I believe there are certain colors that look better during certain seasons. I’m not one to wear a peachy coral color in the fall, as I’m not huge on wearing bold dark colors in the summer. I love wearing light colors during lighter seasons. I have to say I cannot get enough of this collection. It has become a must for holiday gifts. The colors look amazing on, and they look exactly what the tube color is. It’s very true to color. I’m sure you have all bought high end lipsticks and you get them on , and they look nothing like what the tube implies. YSL is different, and on top of it, it has an amazing moisturizing feel to the lipstick. I usually put some on, and then on top of it, apply a light gloss, as I LOVE gloss. You honestly do not need gloss. The other great component shot YSL lipstick , is that the lipstick has true staying power for hours. I wore this for three -four hours before I felt to reapply. This brand magnifies class in every way. Their clothes to their bags and even their makeup line is one of my favorites! The tubes are glam too. They are gorgeous and alluring. Each color has a color complex that leaves the lips smoother, plumper, and more moisturized. Nothing gets better than YSL! 

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