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Guest Blogger of the Week … Shelly Stinson

Hi Ladies!

I have a great article by Guest Blogger Shelly Stinson out of Denver Co. She is a freelance writer that loves healthy living, being active outdoors, and trying new restaurants. She has a great post on juicing!FullSizeRender (120)

Juicing has received a lot of attention in the last few years, and rightfully so. Making this one change alone has helped a lot of people lose weight and perhaps, most importantly, enjoy better health. It only makes sense because once you start giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs by way of a whole host of healthy fruits and veggies, it’s amazing what it can do.

But juicing does a lot of other good things for you beyond just helping you shed those extra pounds or reducing your risk of disease. Certainly , those things are great but there are a lot of less talked about benefits of juicing that might just entice you to try it if you haven’t already.  YOUR BODY ABSORBS MORE NUTRIENTS

Did you realize that , even if you eat all of your recommended daily vitamins, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your body absorbs them? A lot of factors can affect your ability to process the nutrients you consume , and one of them deals wit the structure of food itself.

When you eat certain fruits and vegetables, you don’t always get all of their nutrients because your body is unable to remove them fully from the fiber. However, when you juice, the juicer breaks them down for you. This makes it easier for your body to take them in and use them , ultimately giving you more nutrients the food item contains. YOU’LL FEEL HAPPIERFullSizeRender (119)

Although many people report feeling happier when they juice, one study confirmed that there is a link between the number of fruits and veggies you consume and whether or not you’ll feel depressed.

The reason for the correlation, according to research , is that sometimes depression is brought on by a vitamin deficiency. So if your juicing and getting all of the vitamins your body needs, (and it’s absorbing them better), the result is that you’ll feel happier. YOUR SKIN WILL BE CLEARER

Once you start juicing, you’ll also likely notice that your skin becomes more clearer and vibrant. This is due largely to the number of nutrients in the juice, as well as their increased ability to be absorbed by your body. However, your skin also benefits from the water contained in the juice.

Juicing can sometimes help with more serious skin-related issues. For instance, one woman was diagnosed with melisma, a skin condition that gave her brown spots. however, after a few months of juicing, she was able to reverse that condition and enjoy spot free skin as a result.


Fatigue is a huge issue, affecting roughly 20% of people, enough to keep them from truly enjoying life. This means, if you and four of your friends are together, its likely that one of you is so tired that you’d rather be home resting instead.

Juicing helps restore your energy by giving your body the nutrients it needs to get you up and running , and keep you that way. Plus, because your getting more liquids in your diet when you juice, you are less likely to be dehydrated, which can make you feel super tired too.

Juicing offers a lot of benefits beyond weight loss and protection against disease, some of which promote you physically and others mentally. Good for your body and your brain? I’m in! How about you?  Are you ready to get juicing?

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