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Melt off that Mascara with Too Faced

Hi ladies! 

I recently picked up the Too faced mascara melt off, because one thing that I despise doing is taking off mascara with oil, and it ending up on your face. When I heard of this product, I was out the door to get it. 

The Product

This product claims to take off mascara with this wand , where it doesn’t do any harm to the lashes. This wand, filled with cleansing oil, dissolves mascara instantly. This product contains green tea extract , which conditions the lashes also. How does it work? 

When I first seen this ,  I thought, honestly what a great, quick way to get that mascara off at night before bed. This wand is swept over the lashes , letting it sit on there for a minute , before taking the mascara off. You take the mascara off with a clean cloth. What do I think? 

This is brilliant. It was honestly very clean , and very precise, not allowing any old mascara running down my eyes. The removal process was priceless. This is honestly an item that needed to be invented long ago. I felt my lashes felt more softer, and more conditioned after taking the mascara off. It was a little crazy at first to get used to, but after doing it a few times, I realized this is a product I’ll be using all the time. It really does beat any wipe, or oil applied with a cloth. This is a home run! 

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