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Colleen Rothschild.. The ultimate products for beautiful skin

Hi Ladies!

I recently had the opportunity to try the amazing Colleen Rothschild products that they so kindly sent me as a gift. I have to tell you no only are the products fantastic, but the packaging is so glam and pretty, that you cant help to want to try these products. I’m not sure if many of you are familiar with this product line, but Colleen Rothschild has produced so many amazing skin care products , from balms, to lotions, to cleansers, made only with wholesome ingredients. Her products are made without all the parabens, sulfates, PABA, or Benzene. Her products truly deliver only the best in results. We all know that this time of year our skin really can become dry, and be prone to breakouts, due to the sun, and the heat, and the congestion of pores as that happens. The summer months can wreak havoc on our skin. It’s very important to find products that work well with your skin.

Two of the best products that I have tried, and honestly I have seen such amazing results are the Recovery cream, and the Cleansing Balm. These two fantastic products gave my skin clarity , and decongested my pores. The recovery cream is a cream that gives your skin more moisture than you could ever imagine. It helps tone your skin, and helps with the texture. The glow that you get is amazing. The cleansing balm is a cream balm that dissolves all the traces of any makeup . It truly gives your skin a good clean feel, and gets the impurities out , while leaving the skin balanced, and with better clarity.

The wonderful component about this amazing company and their products are the ingredients that they are made of. They are clean of anything that could do harm to your skin. The moringa oil and lipexel are added to the balm for luminosity, and helps if the skin is dehydrated. The blackseed oil is added for antioxidant protection.

These products are amazing, and if you are looking for a skincare that delivers results, and gives your skin the youthful feel and look , then Colleen Rothschild can deliver that with her products. Check her website out at http://www.colleenrothschild.com. You will be amazed by her products. IMG_1469

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