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3 great vitamin rich foods for mental fatigue

We all have been in situations where we have struggled with mental fatigue. Life these days are fast, and chaotic . At the end of the day, it’s not surprising that many people struggle with cloudiness in their thinking, and lack of nourishment in their bodies. Many people become so overwhelmed with day to day tasks, that it’s easy to forget to eat healthy. Here are some vitamin rich brain foods that will help with mental fatigue. 

Potassium rich foods

Potassium is known to aid in our systems as an electrolyte. It gives fluid balance to our brains, and helps with clear thinking in our heads. Grabbing a banana each morning is a great way to add in some potassium, and help with keeping our minds strong. 

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbs are a great way to keep our body and minds nourished through out the day. Unlike simple carbs, complex carbs do not give our bodies sugar rushes, and make us crash at the end of the day. Complex carbs is great fuel for our bodies . If it’s a good bowl of steel cut oats, or vegetable pasta, or quinoa, it is full of fiber, and does not make our bodies crave sugar foods. It’s amazing how you will feel once you take out any bad carbohydrates. The simple carbs are unneeded. They will not benefit your body in any way. Iron rich foods 

It is not a good idea to gravitate towards red meat every day , but giving your body a good source of iron helps with energy levels , and helps stave off fatigue in the brain. Raw foods such as good healthy greens , such as spinach or Aragula is a great source of iron. Preparing a good healthy salad with rich vegetables is a great way to get your iron levels up. 

Proper daily functioning is imperative to get through our days with good mental clarity . We lack ourselves in our health when we have poor thinking , making poor decisions, and creating a fatigue that can start in our brains, and affect every aspect of our days , including our happiness. It’s vital we eat healthy to maintain good mental health. 

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