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Crisp white shirts for summer! 

Hi ladies!

White has always been a favorite of mine. I love white roses, white cars, white walls, and white shirts! It’s my go to color for the summer, and every now and then , I love pairing a white shirt with a great pair of colored shorts. I even love a crisp white shirt on a man.

It’s always great to have them on hand when building up your wardrobe for the summer. One other detail I love is a bit of ruffle . These days you can find ruffles on just about anything. They are detailed on skirts,shorts,  and even shoes. It’s amazing what the color white can add to a full outfit. Great stores such as H & MPixie market, and Top shop are carrying some super cute summer tops that will have you shopping for more. There is something pure and clean about the color, and even in clothing , it can really bring a clean lined effect to the wardrobe.

Below are some of my favorite looks:

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