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The Best Kiehls Products I can’t live without!

Kiehls products have been one of my favorites for a long time. One of the reasons that I love the products so much is because they deliver results, and they deliver fast. We all know how mornings can be chaotic, having little time to pull ourselves together. Its best to try to find skincare products that do not require a lot of time or preparation, but yet deliver fantastic results. Kiehls products use the finest ingredients in all of their products including steam distilled lavender, caffeine, plenty of vitamin C, and many more fantastic herbs. Their products are specially formulated to restore and strengthen the skin, while giving the skin balance and better clarity, for younger ,  youthful skin.

One item that I do not like using too much in the summer is foundation. Summer is a time to give your skin breathing room, and applying an SPF with a good moisturizer is enough for me. The two products that I so deeply love is the Kiehls Microblur Skin protector, and the Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Protector. These two items are the perfect duo for the summer months.

Microblur Skin Protector

Blurring has been in the beauty world for a while now. The best thing about blurring is there is literally no pores after applying it. It is one of the best primers I’ve ever tried. It has a great silky formula that glides right onto the face. The addition of the salicyclic acid , and other amazing ingredients , gives the skin a flawless and dewy look.  Once I apply this, I do not need any foundation or makeup. I do apply a great SPF everyday under my Microblur Skin corrector. This is the bomb. FullSizeRender (129)

Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector

The clearly corrective dark circle perfector evens out skin texture , giving the under eye area a clean radiant boost, while improving fine lines. The dark circle perfector disguises bags from a night of too much wine, or maybe not getting enough sleep. It drowns the skin with hydration , and adds moisture back into the skin. The key of going make up free is to find the perfect products that work well with your skin. Every person has a different skin type. If your skin is dry, or dehydrated, then Kiehls has a perfect line of products for you! Which Kiehls products are your favorite? FullSizeRender (128)


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