Style trend.. Bring your nighttime wardrobe to day time.. Lingerie slip dresses! 

It’s amazing how fashion is constantly changing, and now lingerie is the next huge component in fashion style. It’s funny, because seven years ago, I wore a lingerie slip dress to a concert, paired with a great pair of black tights, not even thinking that maybe one day it would become a hit in fashion. Who would have ever thought that something elegant and beautiful that you usually wear to bed at night would be a daytime style trend? It’s gorgeous how it all fits together, and can become such a great clean look. The favorite of mine right now is a black lingerie slip dress , paired nicely with a great black blazer, and of course a nice set of heels. 

Any color of slip dresses can go great for a night out. One thing that is not on my radar for a clean look, is the slip dresses that allows to much to the imagination. You can pull this look off correctly without showing too much skin. The basic concept here is to go out looking polished , with a clean stream lined look. A pop of color added with a black slip dress is another favorite of mine. A summer look could also be a great slip dress in a light color , paired with a great summer wedge. Many stores are offering beautiful slip dresses with a little lace added for some elegant decor. These also look great worn as a long tank dress over a great pair of tights. Either way, bringing  some bedroom wardrobe to your day time is the style trend that will be around for a while. 

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