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Get the smokey look with urban decay

Hi ladies! 

In some of my recent posts, I have talked about how much I love Urban Decay palettes. The smokey version palette is the bomb. Anyone with any eyecolor can pull a great smokey eye look off with this particular palette. It consists of a darker lid color, with a highlighter, then a light color for the corners, and a taupe for the outer lid. The basics of this palette is basically simple as it gives you directions on how to achieve the smokey look, and where to apply each color. The best way to achieve a look that you love is to mess around with the palette a few times with different colors to achieve your desired look. You can also walk in to any Sephora store, and one of their assistants will help with your desired makeover. The great component about these Urban Decay palettes, is there are multiple colors to try . If you think one lid color looks too dark, you can try another lighter color. These palettes are at the top of the most bought palettes for a reason. You can always check out great you tube channels on the urban decay palette. Everyone needs to go with a smokin hot look every once in a while. 

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