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Need a polished Body? Herbivore coconut body polish is the bomb

Hi ladies! 

I had recently read a review the other day in a wonderful magazine on the best body polishes of 2016. I’ve tried multiple good and bad body polishes, and the biggest love I have for them is the way they smell, and the way my skin feels after using them. It usually takes me a while to get use to a product . I’m one that have used the same bath products for years. I read that Herbivore coconut body polish was on top of this list. I instantly went out to try buy it and review it. First of all, the smell is amazing. I’m a huge lover of the coconut smell. It reminds me of anything Caribbean, with an exotic feel. I bought it , and after a few uses, instantly fell in love. My skin felt so soft, and I loved the way the oil moisturized into my skin. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin at the same time. The smell is a mixture of coconut with rose petals. It is formulated without parabens or sulfates. The body polish is by far one of my favorites, and this would also be perfect as a gift. Don’t you love getting spa like gifts ? The packaging is super adorable too! Check this wonderful product out at Sephora

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