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Classy one piece bathing suits making a comeback.. Newest fashion trend

It seems like forever that I can remember wearing a one piece bathing suit. Believe it or not, when I was younger , I use to think that only older women wore them. I have since lived my days in a two piece, until this year. The newest fashion trend in swim wear is the spectacular one pieces you are seeing everywhere. Am I rethinking my older women thought? Absolutely! Amazing designers are coming out with monokinis, as well as the bandeau one pieces. These suits are made for every single body type, and it’s amazing how great and classy they look. Boutiques as well as big department stores are carrying every single design. J Crew has come out with a gorgeous design for the bandeau swimsuit. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want any tan lines on their upper half, and for the girl who wants more coverage through the bottom half. H&M has some beautiful designs as well as colors for the infamous monokini. The great swimsuit,that only Kim Kardashian made famous some years back. This is a gorgeous look for the Caribbean feel, or even a great vacation . The monokini is made for a more sexier look with the sides cut up high from the top of the torso to the top of the hip. It has a more edgy look and feel. Kylie and Kendall Jenner have come out with their own line of one piece swim suits at Topshop. They have the sporty one piece swim suits that would be suitable for water sports such as water skiing , or wave running with gorgeous colors and a great fit. These one piece swimsuits are perfect for any body type. Maybe it’s time to ditch the bikinis . 

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