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My Top Three favorite Organic Wines

Wine has always been known as a luxury drink, embraced with the delicious taste of fermented grapes, paired with an amazing meal. These days , it more than just luxury, it’s healthy. 

With fermentation, due to the chemical imbalance, most reds are made without the addition of sugar, but it doesn’t mean that all wines are the best wines. Some wines are made cheaply, and can have some sugar added for a sweeter taste. If you are choosing to buy a bottle of wine under $10, it may not be the best. 

I’m in multiple wine clubs that select the top wines from California, and they all are amazing. Most bottles retail for $22-$35 , and you can tell. The taste of a good bottle of wine is rich and delicious with no bitterness. I’ve had years of trying, tasting, and learning of wines, and I can tell when a wine is made cheaply. I do have bottles that are made organic, and I absolutely love them. You can drink a bottle , and not get a headache, and the taste stays wonderful. Below are my three favorite organic wines.

Chateau Maris- this wine is absolutely delicious. It is made organic, and has a lemon , honeysuckle taste. This is perfect for a summer night. 

Cooper mountain- this wine is rich and sultry in taste and organic. It has a great pairing with a steak and salad . There is absolutely no bitterness to this one. 

Quivira- great organic wine that is perfect for the summer, and has a bit of cranberry taste to it. This is great paired with a good salad. 

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