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Summer color.. OPI red lights ahead

Hi ladies! 

I very rarely do color on my nails unless I’m feeling a little on the ” I need a change ” side. I love my nails natural or dark. I’ve been like that forever. Actually I’ve had people ask me, “why don’t you ever wear bright nail colors? I just don’t. The times I’ve had them on, I get sick of it really quick. I always figured a French manicure is always the way to go, until roaming the amazing Pinterest app. I seen the color OPI red lights ahead on a certain actress, and it looked amazing. I figured right then I was going to try something different. Well I did, and I have to say I love it. 

OPI nail color has long been around , with a great reputation for long lasting wear, and gorgeous color. I went today to get it, and actually used it at my manicure appointment. It simply has gorgeous color, and is in between a red and coral , which is perfect for summer. If any of you are looking for a gorgeous summer color, this is really pretty on. Check the color out on Pinterest, to get some great ideas. 

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