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Strobing is the new contour to get that gorgeous glow

It has long been around that getting that gorgeous glow can be achieved through a good moisturizer and taking care of your skin through sun protection and good skincare. These days you don’t need the most amazing skin to achieve a gorgeous glow. With the many amazing You tubers , and celebrity makeup artists , now Strobing is being used to achieve that gorgeous glow with the dewy look.Strobing is used with the most gorgeous in illuminators, where its applied on the cheekbone where natural light would normally hit your face, which is the brow bone, cheek, middle of forehead, ect. It gives your face the illusion of glow and health. It can be applied heavy , or light, and can make your skin look prominent in photos. The best way to apply the illuminator is to apply your makeup as normal, and use the illuminator at the very end of your makeup application. Apply the illuminator along the cheekbone area, and apply a bit at the top of the brow bone. My personal favorite is the Becca Highlighter, and comes in many gorgeous illuminating colors. I love Opal because it goes best with my skin tone. It is the next best thing to contouring . 

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