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Vodka lover ? The best spritzer without the sugar!

Hi Ladies!

I’ve never been a vodka lover. It may be because my love has always been for wine. I recently just got back from Chicago, and tried one of the greatest spritzers ever, and yes it included vodka! It’s okay to have a cocktail every now and then right? I recently stumbled upon a great website recently where I seen a wonderful,  refreshing recipe for a lemonade vodka mix. The wonderful website Epicurious, has some amazing recipes. I asked the bartender in Chicago if he could try to make it without the sugar added, and he did! Viola! I have to say it was pretty amazing. It was so tasty, that I have to share the recipe with you. This is a great recipe for parties, cookouts, or even to make yourself on a hot summer night. This recipe will fill six- 8 oz. glasses. I did not add the sugar to my drink, as it calls in this recipe, but was still amazing.

1 cup packed mint leaves

2/3 cup packed sugar

1 cup fresh lemon juice

1 1/2 cups vodka

crushed ice


Combine the chopped mint & sugar in a bowl with the vodka. Cover and refrigerate for atleast 30 min. Strain the mixture into a pitcher. Fills 6 8oz. glasses with crushed ice. Pour mixture over. Garnish with the mint leaves. This is one refreshing drink.



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