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Great ways to get the Calves you want

There are many people around that are just born with great calf definition, and then there are others that work hard for them. Whether you were one born with them, or you want yours more defined, there are some great ways to get the calves you want. The ultimate way of getting defined calf muscles is working the correct muscle group. Most body builders agree that a variety of high reps is what ultimately will get you defined calves, but others like myself believe that the key is working the calf muscle group quickly. I feel the total reps should be dispursed quickly in the shortest amount of time to get the definition.

Here are some of my favorite exercises that I love to do to work my calf muscles. If you are one that is new to working particular muscle groups for the first time, you will likely be sore for the most part the first few times. Do not over do it. Even if your progress is slow, results will come through.

  • Pick one calf exercise ( such as standing calf raises), and pick a high rep goal.
  • Use a weight that you normally would use for a 15 rep series, and keep going until you can reach your rep goal.
  • Do not do reps longer than a 1.5 minute period. If you haven’t reached your goal by that time, then just stop.
  • Work you calves in a variety of exercises for 20 -25 min, 3 days weekly. If you are a runner, running builds calf muscles quickly.

Calves are one  of the most hardest muscles to work. They will get sore easily and quick, and that is why its very important to not over due your training. It’s very important to make the most of the training that you do to get the definition you want. It may take some pain to get them, but I promise , they will come.

Make sure to always drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated during any form of exercise. If not enough water is drank during high intensity workouts, its likely that you will cramp, or get muscle fatigue. pexels-photo-110470 (1)

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