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Kate Beckinsale in ripped jeans style.

I’m sure you all know by now how popular ripped jeans have become. The old style of the 80’s has made a comeback only with an edgy twist. The look of Rock tshirts paired with your favorite ripped jeans or even a look that is edgy , but at the same time , a very fun look. The look of KateBeckinsale in NYC this past weekend wearing ripped jeans , and the off -the-shoulder top is as fun as it gets. 

The look was very popular in the late 80’s , early 90’s when grunge was taking over the runway. You saw the ripped jeans paired with the Doc Martens of that era, and now it’s even more fashionable to add some great heels or your very favorite flats to the ensemble. I’m loving the summer look of the off the shoulder ruffled tops that you can find just in about every store you walk into. Paige Denim Sells my all time favorite ripped jeans look. The brand makes them in just about every color of denim , including black. They can be rolled up with the shorter look, or left alone if you are wanting to wear a longer heel. The ripped jeans look has made a comeback , and I think it will be around for a long while in the fashion world. 

If you are heading to one of your favorite concerts, grab your favorite pair and ensemble it with your favorite rock tshirt. They are perfect for any casual gathering or even your favorite concert for that matter. You have to admit that Kate has rocked the look! 

pictures credited to hawtcelebs.com

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