Glowing skin with Giorgio

With the overloaded beauty works we all live in, it can be very overwhelming to find the perfect products that work best with out skin, and to me it’s even harder to find the perfect canvas products that will give your skin that perfect radiance. Everywhere we turn , there is a new beauty product out, or on the rise. Most products claim to provide your skin with numerous benefits , only after you have spent several hundred dollars trying them out.

Giorgio Armani, which has been around for years, has come out with a great product that truly delivers the benefits that they claim you will see. This foundation is truly composed of pigments and a variety of oils that will deliver your skin the perfect amount of coverage. It truly looks flawless, and still has a light weight. Your skin will not be weighed down by a heavy matted foundation. The oils in the foundation sink into your skin leaving you with a glowy look. Your skin will not feel greasy at all, as the foundation is light and natural. It is infused with SPF 30 and will give your skin the protection from the sun , all while giving you a healthy glow. I apply this foundation with a great foundation brush, and I only apply it in the T zone. I move the brush upward, and only apply it where I feel I want more coverage. I’ve said in recent posts that I’m not big on foundations, but I do like a nice coverage on nights out. This is the perfect foundation for any skin type. The foundation comes in many different shades , and there is one for everyone.


Power breakfast.. Avocado and egg open faced sandwich

Are you looking for a great power breakfast filled with lots of vegetables and protein? This recipe is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons. It is full of protein , fiber, and loaded with antioxidants. It’s amazingly delicious at bat. If you are one that wants to mix it up a bit, you should try this recipe. 

1 avocado 

1 organic ( cage free egg) 

1 piece Ezekiel bread

1/2 tomato 

1/3 cup spinach 

1 slice veggie cheese . 

Toast your bread, and cook your egg the way you like it. I like mine made with a tad bit of olive oil, and pepper. Once toast is done, place the veggie cheese slice on top, and then place your egg on top. Load up the rest with the avocado, sliced tomato and spinach. You may like your spinach made with a bit of olive oil also, and that’s ok. Top it off, and voila! It’s the perfect power breakfast.