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Summer accessory  must -haves 2016 

Summer is here , and that means bright color accessories are a mainstay this season. We are seeing everything from pastels to denim and beyond. 

Accessories go with every single outfit that is fancy to the eyes. They can add just the perfect color , or they can add a pop of color, whichever you prefer. Summer accessories can include a great pair of earrings or a chunky necklace. I feel you can go overboard on the jewelry, but the right combo can be a perfect accessory. 

Yellow and cream bags

These two colors are hot this year. The yellow bag can be a great accessory to any neutral color outfit , such as a LBD ( little black dress), or the perfect accessory to add to Any wedding outfit. Summer weddings are very popular, and adding a cream or bright yellow bag is the perfect pairing for that summer dress. The hobo bags are a great look for everyday, as well as a bright yellow clutch for that summer evening. 


I remember wearing these cute little necklaces back in the 8th grade. How history repeats itself. These have made a huge comeback this summer. These cute necklaces look wonderful with the summer romper that you see in every store, and any edgy outfit , such as ripped jeans shorts with your favorite over sized tee. They can also look adorable with any neutral color sundress. 

Delicate gold chains

I’m loving the delicate gold chains. They are a gorgeous accessory to any outfit you wear. These can be found at about any store you step into, and are absolutely gorgeous on. The way you find them in stores usually come in threes, or pairings, but if you have some favorites, it’s a great way to throw them all together for that perfect look. 

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