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The 4 amazing superfoods you need to be eating

You hear in the nutrition world everyday about “superfoods”. They are even adding in “superfoods” to the beauty products to add more benefits for your skin. I truly believe in them when it comes to your diet, and the way you eat. 

In my view, whole foods to me are superfoods. The ones that protect, benefit your health to a superb standard. The foods that can be added in on a daily basis to your meals, smoothies, juices, and so forth. I have a whole list of superfoods that I swear by, and live on daily. These superfoods include spinach, collard greens, kale, Aragula, and many more. I use these greens as my base. They are what ties all my juices and smoothies together. There are four though that I really feel benefit our health on the cellular level, due to their antioxidant level, as well as their vitamin and mineral levels. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has so many antioxidants. Just eating one small piece a day has been known to decrease cholesterol, decrease diabetes, and helps protect our hearts. It also has fiber in it, and will help is feel full longer. It’s best to give yourself a small treat a day. 


Kiwi has a been around for ages as one of the best fruits for your health. I love it because it has a high water content, and adds such a delicious taste to any smoothie or juice. It’s loaded with vitamin C, among other antioxidants. Removing the ends, you can even eat the skins. Kiwi and dark chocolate are the perfect duo. 


I can’t get enough of avocados. I truly feel on some days, I eat them too much. I add them to everything, including my juices. You would think it wouldn’t taste good, but it taste amazing. It’s creamy, and loaded with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and monosaturated fats. It adds so many health benefits. It’s best to add this to your everyday diet. 

Red peppers

These amazing vegetables are packed full of vitamin C, and great for any sinus problems. They are great added in to your salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and even soups. This is one amazing superfoods in my book. 

Try to add these in every day. You will be adding so many health benefits to your health, and keeping your health at an optimal level. 

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