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Three healthy concoctions you need while having your cocktails.

We love having our cocktails here and there, atleast I do. If you are one that doesn’t, that’s a great healthy choice on your part. Drinking too much alcohol is not good, but having your occasional glass of rose or Pinot , isn’t going to hurt. I have some of my greatest concoctions that you can buy, or make to keep your health at optimal levels and still enjoy your favorite cocktails.

I have added these drinks to my daily regimen, and they really do make me feel great, especially if you drink them at the right time. If you are one that will make the drinks, it’s very important to use wholesome ingredients. I have ordered Pressed juicery drinks for about a year now, and I am completely hooked on them. It can be pricey, but they do add so much to your well being and state of health. They are made of wholesome ingredients, and does save you the time of making them daily. 

Here are the great concoctions to add to your daily regimen. They are perfect to make for anyone that does or does not drink,  due to the health benefits , and how they make you feel. They do add great protection to your health while drinking .

  • Drink a glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon every morning. This is perfect first thing in the morning to start that metabolism, and flush out toxins. It’s perfect on the liver. This should be your morning drink before anything else . 

  • Have you had one too many glasses of wine? Drinking coconut water before bed has shown to hydrate, and reduce the effects of a hangover. Coconut water is loaded up with potassium and other minerals that help you feel better the next morning. Go ahead and stock your fridge with your favorite coconut water. 

  • The next morning after having too many glasses, make you a shot of water with ginger, lemon , and cayenne. This completely starts the detox process. It’s a huge immune booster, and helps settles any type of upset stomach you may have. 

I could write another post on the effects of alcohol, and we all know that binge drinking is bad. Drinking your favorite cocktails in the summer is ok, but adding these three drinks everyday is essential for keeping you in the healthiest state.  Wanting to Make you own? Check out Pinterest for some easy recipes. 

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