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Turmeric Delight

Turmeric has always been known as a ” miracle spice” due to its amazing Health benefits. It has been around for centuries , and has long been used as an ingredient in many different recipes including soups, teas, ect. 

Turmeric is very detoxifying in many ways. It’s loaded with vitamin C, and keeps the immune system at the top of its game. It’s very anti – inflammatory, and keeps infections at bay. This is a great healthy smoothie that I drink all winter long, and a bit in the summer if I’m feeling worn down. It does wonders. Adding a bit of cinnamon on top makes it delicious. 

1 grapefruit ( juiced)

2 carrots ( peeled & chopped)

1 inch ginger 

1 inch piece of turmeric. 

Blend every ingredient well, and add a bit of cinnamon on top. 

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