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Hair in a knot? The newest hair trend

Hi Ladies!

Hair Knots are making a entrance this year in the beauty trending world.  The new red carpet look is easy, and can look quite beautiful . It is very easy maintenance , only requiring up to two minutes for a spectacular do. You are seeing many people wearing them everywhere. You are seeing them in the celebrity world, on the red carpet, and even to go to a yoga class. I’m loving the care free look. It does take a good volume spray, as well good bobby pins. I did hair for many years, and  one rule I always live by is make sure it  isn’t too wet, or too clean when doing an up do. I recommend washing your hair maybe one or two days prior before you want the up do. Knots are a quick way of getting a ready to do look without trying so hard.

  • Make sure you have good U-shaped bobby pins for this look. They work very well. Knots  require many bobby pins to stay properly in place
  • Make sure to have a good volume spray handy, such as Show Beauty Products, which are my all time favorite. You will want your hair to have as much volume as possible.
  • First, gather all of your hair and put into a high ponytail.
  • Twist the rest of the hair into a round loop, and secure it into place with the u- shaped pins to your scalp.
  • Leave a few strays out so that you can either curl or spray them. If you are going for a more clean , conservative look with your Knot , then make sure you put all hair in tight to the pony tail.

This is the perfect look for a variety of functions. I feel the reason it is perfect, is because of the simplicity. It can look clean and conservative, or edgy and messy. It is a diverse hair style in many ways. I am seeing even teenagers wearing this look to their practices. It is perfect for the person who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on their hair. Everyone has two minutes though right? Hair Knot Hair knot



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