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The importance of oils in skincare

Hi ladies! 

Now days, amazing oils are being used in every aspect of skincare. It seems anything you find in your kitchen, you can find as an ingredient on your skincare box. 

There are many misconceptions about facial oils. People believe that they are only to be used if you have increasingly dry skin. Every single skin type can have huge benefits from oils. The biggest component of using oils is making sure you know the kind of skin type you have. If you know your skin type, then the right oils will not cause breakouts or clogged pores. The benefits that you will see from using facial oils are a balance in the skins clarity, the skins natural oil production, less clogged pores, and a better glow. 

If you know your skin type , the right oils can actually help oily prone skin. The dewy , natural glow is in today, and the right oils can actually help you achieve that. The best way to find out which skin type you have is to visit a dermatologist. Once you know the skin type you have, figure out what oils would be right for your skin. The great ways of finding that out is to figure out what reason you want to use an oil. Do you want it as a cleanser, moisturizer, or as a treatment oil? There are many oils that are used for multiple purposes. There are also many oils used for one purpose. Finding the reason for the oil is important. 

Cleansing oils 

Most cleansing oils are made to be very gentle and non harsh. These oils are used to remove dirt and unclog pores. They keep your skins PH balance good, so it’s not thrown off. This type of oil is used for every skin type. They are made to control oil production in skin and balance the skin out. 

Moisturizing oils

These oils contain a lot of what you find in your kitchen. Avocado oil, fatty oils that help with keeping your skin hydrated. Hydration is great for your skin. It helps with plumping and adding moisture. It has added vitamins. 

Problem solving oil 

Many people have problem skin. It can be caused by hormones, stress, age, dehydration, poor diet, and much more. These oils will help mend all these problems , but it’s very important you improve other areas of your life such as adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your diet. Drinking lots of fresh water daily also is important. These oils are anti bacterial , and have tons of antioxidants. 

It’s very important to find out your exact skin type before buying any type of facial oils so you know exactly what they are used for. Discuss these with your dermatologists, or get an expert opinion. It’s very important to know that buying pure facial oils is very important. There are many drug store oil facial cleansers that are not pure, and in return can wreak havoc on your skin. Olive and M Sells amazing oils for all skin types. I highly recommend them. 

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