Fuller Lips with Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo

Are you looking for Fuller Lips?

Beauty is such a big part of living. It’s everywhere we turn. One area that seems to fluctuate as we age is our lips. It can be from sun damage, or just losing collagen over time.  One of the biggest areas that women claim to want to improve is their pout. According to a recent beauty study, it is known that women are dissatisfied with the way their lips look, and wish they had a fuller pout.

Many women are scared of the doctor visits that can give you a fuller pout, such as injections. It can be time consuming, and expensive if you want them on a regular basis for some. The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo is perfect for thin lips.  The duo retails for $53. The experience that I have had using it has been amazing. One end of the tube is the shaper to enhance and define , and then it comes with the color of your choice.  The duo gives your lips a great hydration, and can actually re shape them. The results are amazing. Its hard to find a great product such as this. The duo comes in many great colors that will enhance any skin tone. It adds dimension, and gives them a high definition contrast. The shaping tool is great. One tip to remember is that dark colors make lips look smaller, and lighter colors are known to enhance thinner lips. The lip shaper can give your lips a more fuller look if you decide to wear a darker shade.

There are many lip enhancers out there. Many brands are selling them, and a few of them are quite good. This dynamic duo is one of a kind with both the shaping tool, and the lip color. If you are looking for a fuller pout, here is the product for you!Tom Ford Lip Contour                                                                                              TOM FORD LIP DUO



The Best in Dry Shampoo:Elizabeth and James

We have all had days where it’s a messy hair kind of day. It gets chaotic with schedules, practices and homework, and we end up realizing that a bun for the day will do. 
Dry Shampoo is one of the most popular hair products today . Due to its popular remedy for lazy hair days, I’d have to say I can’t live without it. I throw it in my travel bag, my gym bag, and you can always find it in my purse. It works on the dot, and it’s the best product ever. 

Elizabeth and James dry shampoo is the best . I have tried multiple brands, and they either make your hair feel gummy, or it doesn’t have a great scent. This product is like perfume for hair , with amazing benefits. It leaves your hair looking vibrant and shiny. It helps hair hold curls, and gives your hair a fine texture. One component of this product that I love is that it doesn’t make your hair oily. Some dry shampoos can make your hair look limpless and oily. 

This product works amazing for up do’s too. You want to make sure to spray your Bobby pins with dry shampoo, and spray the product on the roots and through the ends of your hair. This is honestly my favorite hair product. If you are looking for that one hair product that is too good to be true, this is it.