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Three great ways to wear Denim skirts

Denim has long been around forever. It is a natural in the world of fashion. It’s a versatile fabric that can be worn up or down, casual or edgy, depending on your preference. 

One fashion item I am loving at the moment are the denim skirts. I love the ragged , edgy ones , as well as the dressy , ruffled skirts. This is one item that you can wear all day long and turn a look from day to night. It all starts with accessories. You can wear an edgy skirt with a blouse and shoes such as your laid back chuck Taylor’s. If you are going out that night , change the top to a tunic and add some black booties. 

One of my favorites is pairing a denim skirt with a white blouse and adding some delicate gold chains. Denim skirts can be purchased just about anywhere. Zara carries many amazing styles of denim skirts. Theirs can range from a classic edgy skirt to a more lengthy skirt with a trim of ruffles. H & M also sells some cute skirts with lace detail inserted in the denim. It’s all what your personal style is. Here are some great looks for that denim skirt look you may be going after. 

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