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5 ways to Banish Fatigue and Increase Your Energy

Energy can be hard to come by on some days. We have all had days where we feel a bit fatigue, and our energy levels are drained. I have had days where around 3 pm, I’m ready for a nap. When this was happening, I went to my doctor. I found that my Magnesium levels were low. I instantly started taking magnesium supplements, and my energy soared. Energy drain is not fun. It can be harder to concentrate, stress levels increase, and it makes our heart rate increase.

Here are 5 great ways of banishing your fatigue, and increasing your energy :

  1. Increase your Magnesium Intake for energy – Many of us do not realize that we are low on magnesium. Taking a supplement can make a world of difference in our energy levels. Magnesium is needed for 300 biochemical reactions in our body. When we have low magnesium levels, it can slow all the processes in our body down. If you feel you do not want to take a supplement, you can add magnesium filled foods to your diet, such as almonds, cashews, and fish such as halibut. It is very important to contact your doctor if you are feeling fatigue.

  2. Always eat a hearty breakfast- your breakfast should be healthy and filling in the morning. It will keep you fuller through out the day, and keep your energy levels up as the day goes on. It should include healthy choices as yogurt with fruit, egg whites with avocado, or a great green juice filled with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants. People that skip breakfast usually eat more through out the day, and have lower energy levels.

  3. Get the body moving- I CAN NOT stress this enough. Exercise changes you as a whole. It makes you healthier, more vibrant, less stressed, more energy, and the list goes on. Exercise keeps all of our organs detoxified, and working so much more better. It is not good to not add some sort of exercise to your daily regimen. It is a proven statistic that people who exercise have less stressful lives.

  4. Start using Stress relievers- I am a huge advocate of meditation. I always hit up a meditation class, and find 30 minutes every day to gather my thoughts, and find a place of peace and calm. Stress and being over worked can cause exhaustion like no other. Stress results in anxiety and anxiety can use up all of our energy with in minutes. Its very important to find stress relievers to help on a daily basis. I love hot yoga and meditation so much. I love listening to calming music while I blog. I’m huge on meditation podcasts also. If you can’t find a good meditation class, a podcast is always great.

  5. Limit your alcohol intake- Alcohol can wreak havoc on your energy levels like no other. Its ok to have your occasional glass of red wine at dinner time. The biggest problem is drinking more than enough. Your system breaks down over a period of time, and will cause excessive fatigue. Getting up in the morning after over drinking will get harder and harder. Our liver’s can only handle so much. How do you usually feel the next day after drinking too much in one night? It gets worse and worse. Limit your glasses to 1-2 a week. You liver will appreciate it.


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