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Chokers are back and Bauble Bar has the best! 

I still remember being a tween watching Beverly Hills 90210, and loving the black chokers that they were wearing. I remember back when ot was such a trend, and when they say History repeats itself, they are right!

Chokers are back , and I am loving the new designs. They use to be simple with your favorite pendant hanging from them. Now they are suede, leather, corduroy , and lace. They look so amazing worn casual or elegant, your pick! I just ordered four amazing ones from The Bauble Bar. It is a great online boutique that has some of the cutest trends in jewelry. I’m loving the chokers that have an extra necklace hanging from it. It’s super edgy and stylish. You can wear them up or down. Who loves the 90’s trend coming back? I sure do! These are two that I recently ordered. 

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