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Three steps to get rid of Inflammation in the Body

Inflammation is a word that we really don’t like hearing. There is nothing good that comes from it. Inflammation can cause an array of health problems, anywhere from diabetes to being over weight. Long term inflammation can provoke many types of cancers, so its very important for us to keep our bodies healthy and happy for that matter. Stress is a huge component for inflammation in the body. The stress signals turn on in our bodies, and it can cause many health issues to arise over time. There are many factors that you can do in your daily life to reduce inflammation in your body, and get your body to a more balanced PH. When I say balanced PH, it’s important to keep our bodies alkalized. This all starts with eating a more alkalized diet.

  • Choose Organic when you can. I cant tell you enough how many pesticides are on food now days. You may think that its clean, no matter how many times you wash your fruit and veggies, but believe me, its NOT enough. Organic produce is so much cleaner and safer . It may be more expensive, but it’s well worth your health.
  • Try the 80/20 diet. This is exactly how I eat, and I never feel deprived. Eat 80 percent of your food from more alkalized foods such as greens, veggies, nuts, ect, and 20 percent from the foods that you think aren’t so healthy. If you know your going to a party and there will be some “party food” there, try to eat super healthy through the day, that way you can splurge a bit that night.
  • Choose veggies over anything else in your diet. Vegetables are very alkalizing, and they do contribute to optimal health. Try adding more veggies to your juices every day, and reducing your intake of white flour products such as bread, and horrible pastas. Pastas can be horrible for your diet if you are not buying the right kinds.
  • Take a multi vitamin every day, and a good one at bat. I love my whole food vitamin that I take very day. It is full of greens, mushrooms, and alkalizing supplements. It truly makes me feel so much better.
  • If you haven’t already, ADD your omega 3’s to your diet. I take a supplement, but you can get them from good fish. They really can help combat inflammation in the body.
  • Try exercising every day. Moving that body never hurt anyone. It truly is great for your health. Add in a class, or go for a run or walk.
  • Try meditation or yoga to reduce stress in your life. If you are feeling a bit stressed out, or feeling fatigue, these things can help significantly. Stress will increase the inflammation. Remember the saying : “STRESS WILL KILL YOU”. There is nothing good about it. Life is too short to stress. Enjoy your life every day! exercise is important

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