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Beauty favorites for August

I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty products. I’ve decided it’s best to share with you a month by month favorite list , so that you can try some things for yourself. It’s amazing how many new apps you find, or books to read, among other things, just by word of mouth. 

I traveled to NYC last month, and I literally didn’t know where to start in their gorgeous Sephora store. The details of this amazing architecture was through the roof. I think I went a little too crazy in there, but who doesn’t. I felt I picked up enough beauty products to last me the next two years. It’s always fun trying new products, but I had to share with you some of my best beauty products. I’ve used these products for a while now, and they are among my favorites. 

The amazing NYC Sephora! I instantly fell in love! 

This Nars Contour duo is the bomb. If you have never used Nars products, you really should try to. Their products are amazing, and literally deliver results. They make their products with the best in mind. The duo comes with a concealer , as well as a contour color. It will really uplift your features. I live with this daily. 

The Anastacia Beverly Hills palette is the BEST! I’ve tried multiple palettes and this is superb. It comes with the most amazing colors, and fits everyone’s skin tone . You can highlight and conceal as much as you want with this this palette. One of my ultimate favorites. 

I love Benefits high beam. This product is one of the best hands down. It gives your skin the dewy look it needs for great photos. It is applied to the cheeck bones, and will give you a bit of a dewy look. The light hits it perfect. It comes in a few different colors . 

Well here are some of my favorite products that I picked up at the gorgeous Sephora store. If you ever have a chance to visit , it’s absolutely stunning! You will have so much fun in there, I promise! 

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