Food for your muscles

I wanted to share one of my favorite shake recipes with you! This recipe is for all watermelon lovers! You knew how good watermelon is for you right? Adding it to your fuel is even better. If you are working out everyday , and need that workout shake right after, this may be your favorite. 

This shake incorporates whey protein , which we know helps with shedding body fat and held with muscle mass. I know many of you may be sick of drinking the same chocolate whey everyday, so to switch it up , try this. 

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 cup cubed watermelon

1/4 peeled cucumber

1/2 cup aloe water 

1 tablespoon lime juice 

Blend it all together for a tasty shake for your muscles. Watermelon is loaded with so many antioxidants and can help with your workouts. It has a high water content that will help with recovery. This is a water based shake which helps the body recover quicker with hydration. It’s amazingly tasty. 


Kit and Ace is the Newest in Athletic Fashion

I never thought I’d ever say that anything could compare to Lululemon Athletica, but I had heard about the newest and greatest stores opening up which is Kit and Ace. The great line of athletic fashion has come to a whole new level. This line, designed by the former lead designer of Lulu, has recreated a line that is full of great athletic pieces that can be turned in to every day comfortable fashion. I recently stepped in to their store in SoHo in NYC, and absolutely fell in love.fullsizerender-163

The clothing line that is filled with gorgeous athletic pieces, aren’t only great to look at, but are the most comfortable to wear.  The type of clothing that you want to lounge around in, yet look classy. The pieces are cozy, yet durable. The pieces have functionality and style. I can’t even describe the comfort level. I’m a huge Lulu fan, and always will be, but this line is amazing. Kit and Ace now have 60 locations , and their pieces are made for both men and women. They are multi-season, and each piece can be worn up for a casual night out, or down for a relaxing night at home. Either way , you look great. The smooth seams of the line makes this brand so unique. They have a great durability when it comes to the stretch , and you never really have to iron them with their no iron fabrics that they use. You don’t have to be a total athlete to wear this line. It caters to everyday living. fullsizerender-162

The brand which was founded in 2014 , is a Canadian apparel brand. Their functions for making a line so wonderful is amazing. I know Kit and Ace will be around for many years. fullsizerender-161