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Three Items I am Loving this Week

I have to rave about some great items I am loving this week. I am always on the look out for the latest and greatest health items, and I believe I have found a few. There is always great products coming out that are helping people live healthier, and cleaner. When I say cleaner, I mean a cleaner lifestyle with wholesome, great products.

I am NOT a milk fan, nor will I ever be. I do replace my milk option with healthier versions of almond or flax milk. They are both delicious , and super healthy for you. I recently bought the new Ripple Milk. I have to say that I am hooked on it, as well as my kids. My kids being huge milk drinkers love the healthy milk. I use it in many smoothies for the kids, added with lots of fruit. The milk is dairy free, and high in plant based protein. It is very low in sugar, which I love. You will find that Ripple milk has 50% more calcium than regular milk. It gives you all you Omega 3’s, vitamin D, and Iron. Those are all important vitamins we need daily to keep our bodies healthy. The best part is that it contains 8 times more protein than almond milk. It is delicious at bat.fullsizerender-166I’m also loving the Think thin bites, that are loaded with protein for a great snack. These are great to take with you on airplanes, on your drives to school, and I give them to my son to snack on. They are equally delicious to. These are great to top on your Greek yogurt if you are craving something sweet. If you are a fan of the Think thin bars, you WILL love these bites. fullsizerender-168The last and BEST item I am in love with this week is my Owen and Alchemy cleanses. I bought two cleanses, and a few tonics , and they are AMAZING. I can’t get enough of these cleanses. you can pick a one day cleanse group, or a 3 days cleanse group. They are pure, and delicious. I feel energized, and better all around. If you are looking for a quick ,healthy cleanse, but are unsure where to start, check out their products. fullsizerender-169

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