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Butter in your Coffee? Only the Right kind

Health trends come and go. Butter in your coffee is the newest one? I know it may sound a bit drab, but you wouldn’t believe the health benefits associated with adding it to your coffee,the grass fed kind. The benefits are surprisingly amazing.They aren’t telling you to go buy a tub of butter at the store , and add it to your black coffee daily. They are telling you to buy a good version of grass-fed butter, and add it everyday to your cup of java.

The reasons to substitute grass-fed  with those high preservative filled creamers are astonishing. The grass fed butter is known to super charge your brain function , and creates fat loss . The best thing about grass-fed butter is that it prevents you from getting cravings through out the day. It keeps you fuller longer. It regulates your cholesterol, and has the best ratios of omega6, and omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are great for the brain, and neurodegenerative diseases. 437e798540fff54b876cf4460d375161

Grass-fed  puts your body in a fat burning process, which in turn trims your body , and shows to reduce body fat mass. It increases cognitive function , and gives you energy all day without experiencing the “crash” mid day. It contains CLA for weight loss.

Why grass -fed? Most cows are corn or soy fed. It is cheaper on your dollar in the long run, and the milk has fats that aren’t particularly good for your body. Grass-fed is the perfect kind because its natural and has no added preservatives or chemicals in it. Two tbsp. daily in your coffee will give you all the benefits that it has to offer. The best part is that the butter will give your coffee a creamy taste, with out all the sugar. Try to get you some healthy butter in that java.


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