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B12.. The importance of this vitamin

Vitamin B12 is such an important vitamin that we all need daily to keep our bodies optimally healthy. Are you getting enough? there are so many signs and symptoms of a deficiency. I have had so much energy since adding B12 to my supplements daily. It is one of the most important vitamins  your body needs for many reasons. Having loads of energy daily is hard for some, and the culprit may be a lack of B12. Everything in your body needs B12 for survival in the right kind, and over all well being.

B12 has so much to do with how healthy your cell production is. It helps support a healthy thyroid , and helps keep diseases at bay. The older we get, there is so much importance on staying as healthy as possible. There are over 40% of people that are deficient in B12. Here are some signs of a deficiency.

  • Tired, anxious, and weak. If you are feeling these sorts of signs, its time to visit your doctor.
  • Are you a vegetarian? This could be a reason that you are lacking in B12.
  • Are you a avid drinker? Drinking lots of alcohol irritates the stomach lining , and reduces B12 absorption. Reduce your alcohol intake.
  • Are you on a long term birth control? High estrogen levels can trigger B12 deficiency.

There are many great ways of getting sufficient amounts of this vitamin. You can take an oral supplement, or you can start juicing , using many greens and fresh vegetables. These will get your levels up. I feel that a liquid vitamin is the best for absorption. It gets into the blood quicker, and you can feel the results quicker than taking a pill form. Celery and dark chocolate are two healthy options high in B12. Just adding these two every day to your diet will make you feel so different. dark-brown-milk-candy-1

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