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Healthy Tips to get through the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate another amazing year, and to count our many blessings. The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. I love the parties, wrapping, baking, drinking, and celebrating . The list can go on. One thing that is hard at times is keeping our balance through it all, and trying to avoid the crash that can happen due to all the chaos, and all the calories that we can accumulate. I know…who doesn’t love all the amazing food at the holidays.pexels-photo-239466

Here are some great tips to help you with the holiday stress

-For an all day pick me up, try to add some citrus to your day. It can be using an essential oil of orange, or even adding a bit of citrus to your tea. It is so uplifting and can help with alleviating holiday stress.
-Try to start your day with exercise. If that is doing yoga in your living room first thing in the morning, or heading to the gym for some weight lifting, it helps tremendously. I hit the gym every morning, and I couldnt imagine not doing it . My days are so much more relaxing after a workout.
-Do less and enjoy your days more. We try to get everything done too quick. we try to get our shopping done, wrapped, christmas cards sent out, family photos, and baking done quickly . For many its about having all these things to do, and everytime we get one done, it frees time up. Well the whole point of the holidays are to RELAX AND ENJOY. Take one day at a time and make a list of the things you want to do that day. The whole point is to enjoy the “holiday cheer”. We dont want to cram our days up, and miss the joy of all of it.
-Stick with your routine- Try to prioritize your days, and don’t do anymore than you can handle. If you want to take a day out to go to lunch rather than do something you “feel” you need to be doing, do it.
-Forget Perfection -We all want everything to be prefect in our daily lives, and we want everything to go as easy as possible. The world is not going to fall apart if it doesn’t. I see more and more people living under a radar, and thinking that if something is out of place or not put back exactly like it was that their world will fall apart. IT WILL NOT. Life is too fast these days, and sometimes its best to slow down and enjoy the music. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
-Start traditions. Traditions are so fun to do . You can look back and remember doing the things you love with your family. Its never too late. We have always had the tradition of heading to mass Christmas eve, and then coming home and letting our kids open one gift of their choice, then we sit up and watch A white Christmas. We have been doing that for years, and we love it.
– try to go tech free for a few days. The phone can drive you nuts to an extent. It can be just taking up your energy. It gets so monotonous, and its best to take a break from it . It gives you a mental beak, and you will realize that you are wasting energy and time on it. There is SO much more to do.
-Try to eat healthy during the days, and splurge a bit in the evening. If you know that you are heading to a gathering, then try to eat healthy that day. When the night comes, you can splurge a bit on wine and appetizers. Its all about balance. If you know that you ate too much the night before, get up and get in the gym or head to workout. you will feel so much better. The pounds will stay away too.
-Try to stay hydrated. For every glass of wine you have, drink a glass of water. It keeps you stay hydrated and feel better the next morning. Drinking wine or any other alcoholic drink can dehydrate you.

Its all about balance and being mindful. We all want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Try to just spend the holidays being stress free. Its so much more enjoyable. pexels-photo-239466

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