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Great Ways to Nourish your Skin while You Sleep

Sleep is so important. It’s a time that our bodies get a huge break, and the cleansing process starts. It’s a time when the restorative process begins. It’s great for our bodies, but it’s also amazing for the skin. Our skin takes a toll through the winter months with cold air, pollution, lack of moisture and much more. These tips are perfect for when you get your zzz’s.

– Aim for 6-8 hours a night- it’s so important that we give our bodies and skin that much time to restore. Lack of sleep has proven to make our skin sallow and lack us on energy through our days. 

– Make sure we go to bed with a clean face. It’s very important to clean all makeup and mascara off at bed. The makeup left on can wreak havoc on our pores, and start the clogging process , which in turn can cause acne, redness, and it’s just not good for over all aging. Use a good cleanser, and get a clean , fresh face before bed.

– add a humidifier to your room. Adding a bit of good clean air to your room never hurt anyone, especially the skin. The winter is horrible on the skin, and adding a bit of moisture while we sleep will add the moisture we lose through the day to our skin. It gives us an overall fresh feeling when the morning comes. It can also give you a better night sleep.

– Add some lavender to your sleep. This can be adding some lavender oil to your humidifier or adding some lavender spritzes to your pillow. It truly is relaxing and calming. I always add lavender to my pillow . The smell is amazing. Lavender is perfect for calm and zen, and truly helps with restoring the skin. They have made so many facial products with lavender for that reason.

Adding these tips to your sleep will help you with maintaining good , healthy skin through the winter months.

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