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The Best Pre Workout Snacks to get the Best fuel

We all know how important it is to fuel correctly before a workout. Whether you are heading to a high intensity workout, or a hot yoga class, its best to fuel up so that it satisfies your hunger, and you have a better muscle recovery. Its best to pick foods that have the correct balance of carbohydrates, and protein. The body is building muscle and recovering 24 hours a day. If you are eating correctly before your workouts, it will help you gain muscle , burn fat, and the recovery will be so much better. We can truly tear our bodies up if they are not fueled correctly. Its best to eat these snacks at least 30-60 minutes before your workout.

-Greek yogurt with fresh organic fruit- This snack has the right amount of carbs that will give your body the food it needs to get the best of your workout.

-oatmeal with fresh fruit & a bit of protein powder sprinkled on the top

-protein shake with banana

-Ezekiel bread with bananas and coconut chips on top

-organic eggs with avocado

-organic egg white scramble with avocado


These are the best workout snacks that you can give your body for that great workout! Do your Body Good!


  1. January 5, 2017 / 2:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Fit and Bliss
      January 5, 2017 / 2:22 pm

      Sure ! If you need any other workout advice , email me @ mdroulos@aol.com

  2. January 5, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    Yum! I do love bananas and Ezekiel bread – never thought to add coconut!

    • Fit and Bliss
      January 5, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      Yes it’s so delicious and it’s such a fat burning snack! Follow me on Twitter @fitblissful .. Instagram @fit_and_bliss . Facebook @ Fit and Bliss

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