The Best Ways to Travel with Your Makeup

We all know that travel can be stressful. We have to get everything ready , let alone for our families. Its even more stressful when your flying out of the country. It can also be stressful when we are short on luggage space, and have the chance of spilling some of our liquid makeup items all over, destroying the clothes we have packed. I have included some great tips on ways to save space, and travel with your makeup.

  • Invest in a good makeup bag. You want something that is durable and has many compartments. This is important that you place the liquid items in so that if they were to spill, they aren’t all over your other luggage items. They do make some great ones , and a good one is worth the investment.
  • Make A list- Its best to write down everything you want to take, and then go over it again once more before leaving. I promise you that list will shorten. Only take the necessities. We all pack more than what we need.
  • Use Multi purpose products- try to use products that can be used for different uses. you can use a cheek stain also as a lip stain. You can try to use a shimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter. They also make powder foundation or tinted SPF. Use that as a foundation and your SPF lotion. You just saved three items there. Its so worth it.
  • Bring Facial Wipes rather than Wash. You can dispose them right away. These tips will help in saving you time and space.




The Chocolate Superfood: Benefits of Cacao

The Chocolate superfood that has been around in the news quite a bit lately , due to its amazing health benefits , is quite powerful. Cacao.

The benefits of this tasty superfood has amazing health power that it should be included into your health regimen. Cacao was originated in the foothills of Andes, and is also known to be raw. 

The benefits include helping with memory improvement, cognitive and the functuality of it. Who doesn’t want a sharper memory? It helps shed fat, boost your immunity , and gives you so much more energy throughout your day. It’s good for the heart also . It’s known to lower blood pressure, and improve cholesterol. We all want our ticker to work well for as long as possible. 

The surprising part is that Cacao has four times the antioxidants as regular dark chocolate. It has 119 more times as bananas. Isn’t that amazing? You can make shakes with cacao powder on your oatmeal to reap the benefits.

The taste of Cacao is delicious. I usually make morning shakes with added fruit for a tasty breakfast. I feel the powder has less bitterness than regular cacao nibs. You can also use cacao powder to make chocolate milk by using almond milk as your base.

Another great benefit of Cacao is that it triggers endorphins and is considered an aphrodisiac, which helps improve libido. Who wouldn’t want all the benefits that Cacao has to offer?