Ways to avoid Dry, Chapped Lips

It’s winter time, and for a lot of people that means no fun.  Many people have problems living in the cold due to all the issues that the cold brings on. One of those problems for many is dried, chapped lips. That isn’t fun for anyone, and without proper care can become harmed and painful. It can make your lips feel as if they are covered in salt. Ugh! 

The cold brings on dry air. It not only is dry outside, but can also be very dry inside without proper humidifiers set in place. The main causes of dried, chapped lips are Sun, wind, cold and dry air. 

Here are some great tips on how to keep your lips healthy and vibrant through the cold , bitter months. 

  • Do not Lick your Lips. – It may feel as if it’s making them feel better, but in reality it’s drying them out further. 
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Hydration is key when trying to keep everything moisturized. There is no better component then water. 
  • Always use a good lip balm such as Vaseline. This will help the lips stay lubricated and healthy through the cold bitter months. Apply it before and after eating , especially if your eating salty foods. Salty and spicy foods can burn them significantly. 
  • If your house does not have a humidifier built in, try putting one in your bedroom. This will help circulate some clean air and add moisture to your home. 
  • Make sure you are getting the recommended daily vitamins. Deficiency in vitamins will cause you to get cracked , sore lips. 

Adding these tips to your beauty regimen will help keep your lips looking and feeling beautiful. 


Great Ways to Make your eyes pop

Eyes are the first thing we notice on a person right? When it comes to makeup, you can utilize many products to make your eyes stand out like no other.

There are many ways of making your eyes stand out besides eye color and mascara , which are both very important. One thing you want to make sure of is that your eyes aren’t puffy. Puffy eyes are the first thing people will notice, and they can make you look tired . You always want to make sure that to reduce puffy eyes, you need enough sleep, and stay hydrated all day. Drink atleast 7-8 8 oz. of water daily. This will help your skin stay supple and keep your skin hydrated. 

– always use a good concealer. A good concealer will cover up dark circles and instantly make you look more awake. A fresh look is something we are always striving for correct? This can be applied after your foundation. 

– use a black eyeliner pencil on your top lash water line. This instantly boxes in your eye, making your eye color pop. It can make your eyes look more refreshed. 

-Always use eye colors that aren’t going to make your eyes look smaller. If you have almond shaped eyes, go for shimmery lighter colors. If you Big eyes, your the ones that can get away with the darker graphite colors. Darker colors close your eyes in. Lighter colors lift the eye , making them appear larger.

-Use white liner on bottom lash water line. This instantly opens the eye up , making them appear larger. The white liner also makes the eye color pop, and counteracts the black liner on top water line. This will give the appearance of brown eyes more hazel, atleast mine do.

– apply a good mascara conditioner before applying a good mascara. The conditioner lengthens your lashes , and adding two Coates of good mascara adds to the beauty of your eyes. I feel black is always the Best mascara choice. No matter what your eye color, Black ultimately makes them pop.

Anyone can play up their eyes with the right tools and products. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. ❤️