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Benefits of Adding Whole Foods to your Diet

Benefits of Adding Wholefoods to your Diet

I cant begin to tell you what Whole foods will do for your health. Do you strive to have more energy? Is your current way of eating making you moody? Sluggish? There are so many health benefits to adding Real Food to your daily regimen. Whole Foods are foods that haven’t been refined in any way, and have no additives, artificial sweeteners, or toxic ingredients in them. They are as close to being just the way they were meant to be.. REAL!  The important part of adding these amazing foods to your diet is that you will have MORE energy, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight, and it really helps reduce diseases, infections and sickness like the common cold. These foods feed our organs and, blood, skin, and immune system the vitamins and minerals that it needs. It helps to promote a healthy and vibrant way of living.

These foods are easy on digestion, which is great for gut health. You wont feel the sluggishness or bloat ness that some bad foods give you. I call it the “Rainbow Diet”. Whole foods are colorful and packed with antioxidants that will give our bodies lasting energy and we will even see a difference in our skin. Our skin will be more supple, a nd radiant due to all  the amazing benefits of these foods. My rule of thumb.. Only shop in the outsides of the grocery store, unless you are at a wholefoods market. The inner aisles are pretty much a waste of time. Those items are loaded with preservatives, and horrible toxic overload. They are no-good. Whole foods will keep you away from the free radicals also.  Try going to and adding some wonderful recipes to your weekly dinners. Your health will love you.Pinterest

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