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Matcha is Skin Magic

Who ever said that Matcha is only good as a drinking tea? Studies have shown that Matcha is now being infused in skincare products all around the world, and here is why! 

We all know that Matcha Tea has been around forever, and drinking it daily adds so much to your wellness and overall health. It’s loaded with antioxidants called polyphenols that our body needs on a regular basis. It’s a superfood that keeps on giving. When Matcha is applied topically, it can help soothe irritation and help prevent inflammation in the skin. The Vitamin E that is added to these skincare products helps moisturize the skin, and decrease redness. These products are prefect if you are struggling with dry skin texture or rosecea, which is a common problem. 

Origins sells amazing Matcha green tea products That will give you cleaner skin with better clarity. It’s best to use these products for at least a week to see the results. You can also find Matcha infused makeup wipes that gently cleanse your skin like no other. I personally love the Matcha infused makeup oil remover. Either way you like, the ultimate result will have your skin begging for more Matcha. 

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